Etna Lavastone

Quarried from the slopes of Mount Etna, this lavastone (basalt) is an incredible new material for the contemporary specifier, with many internal and external applications.

Due to its versatility (it will withstand extreme heat) the stone can be finished in a much wider range of  surface textures, colours and tones than other stones. It can be honed, polished, bushammered etc. in the normal way, but also baked (refired) to create a jet black lustre. In addition to this, the lavastone can be glazed which results in vast possiblities of colour finishes that can be applied to slabs and also 3-dimensional lavastone forms.

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Etna Lavastone is a dimension stone, cut initially as a block from the quarry, then sliced with diamond saw into slabs which can then be further cut into the required final size format.

Etna Grey (natural finish without re-firing)
Etna ReFired Black (smooth ‘la Nera’)
Etna ReFired Black (textured ‘la Roccia’)
Etna *Glass Fusion (screen printed with recycled powdered glass).

NOTE: *Glass fusion can be applied to both ‘ReFired’ Black (smooth) and ‘Grey’ Etna Lavastone.

Click the images below to see a gallery of each product type

Etna Grey Lavastone

Etna Grey Lavastone (natural without refiring)

Etna Re-Fired Black (smooth)

Etna ReFired Black (smooth – La Nera)

Etna Re-Fired Black (textured)

Etna ReFired Black (textured – La Roccia)

Etna Glass Fusion Lavastone

Etna Glass Fusion Lavastone (glass applied)



















Boffi Kitchen

Boffi Kitchen

The Stone Library

The Stone Library








Etna Grey and Etna Re-Fired Lavastone can be cut to almost any shape  you require with thicknesses from 10mm.

Full Slab sizes: typically 3000x800mm
Other slab and tile sizes available.


Suitable for interior and exterior use. Due to it’s volcanic origins and re-firing process, the stone and finish is very resistant to heat:

Internal wall coverings
Wet rooms
Internal floors
Reception desks
Kitchen worktops

External cladding
Bespoke items


Etna Re-Fired Lavastone is a natural rock formed of lava flowing from Mt. Etna, which has cooled and solidified around the mountain slopes.

Igneous (Extrusive) : Basalt

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