Mosaico Micro



Made with Eco Glass {100% Recycled Glass}

From the same ingenious factory in Sicily where Etna ReFired Lavastone is produced: finely powdered glass from discarded TV and PC screens are mixed with water – the only glue – and compressed into tiny moulds. The miniature tiles are then baked back to solid glass. Each little mosaic tile is characterised by a velvety lustre that is different to the next, and the special production process makes each mosaic sheet individual and different. The overall characteristic provides an artisan ‘hand made’ feel that is much more variegated and less clinical than conventional mass produced tiles.

The mosaic sheets piece together to easily cover flat or curved surfaces without any interruption, giving the sense of a continuous finish. MM has no constraints in terms of application and can be used indoor and outdoors, including permanently wet environments.

Individual tiles are 6x6mm x3mm thick, supplied on sheets of 300x300mm.



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