Paving Systems Design


Exceed BS 7533 Standards

Working with our partners at Steintec – who have an unrivalled reputation in the industry for their paving mortars and bedding systems design – we design your paving project to exceed BS 7533 standards.

Carefully tested paving products and specifications for public realm and streetscape projects ensure jobs meet essential performance criteria, including a long life and cost-effective maintenance. We recognise the importance of ensuring jobs are competitive and are environmentally sustainable. Paving systems and modular pavements in public spaces that look outstanding and prove enduring are no accident.

We have many years experience in international projects where paving durability, longevity and visual appeal have been crucial. We recognise that paving projects are a costly investment and a life-cycle of outstanding performance are crucial to their long-term economic viability.

Our technical know-how and proven paving product, along with the specialist advice, focus on best use of materials and efficient work systems, help to ensure that the projects we win are completed on budget and achieve a superior result.

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