SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems)


What is SUDS?

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) is an approach to managing rainfall in development that replicates natural drainage, managing it close to where it falls. In natural environments, rain falls on permeable surfaces and soaks into the ground; a process called infiltration. In urbanised areas where many surfaces are sealed by buildings and paving, natural infiltration is limited. Instead, drainage networks consisting of pipes and culverts, divert surface water to local watercourses. In some cases, this has resulted in downstream flooding and deterioration in river water quality caused by diffuse pollution or when combined sewers (which collect surface water runoff and foul waste) are overwhelmed by surface water leading to a release of polluted water into rivers.

How do we get involved?

Working with our partners at Steintec Paving Systems, we are able to design superior permeable pavements and water attenuation components

By involving us at an early stage of the process we are able advise and fully integrate SUDS into your scheme and help ensure the project is wholly compliant with the latest surface water runoff requirements. Working with our partners at Steintec Paving Systems, we are able to design superior permeable pavements and water attenuation components – such as soakaways – that do not compromise the structural or loading integrity of the construction, whether for light pedestrian or extra heavy traffic loadings.

What is CIRIA?

CIRIA is the construction industry research and information association which publishes the industry standard and highly acclaimed SUDS Manual. Operating across market sectors and disciplines CIRIA deliver a programme of business improvement services and research activities for our members and those engaged with the delivery and operation of the built environment. CIRIA is an independent member based, not-for-profit association.

The Ethical Stone Company’s natural stone permeable pavement scheme at Beaconsfield was featured in the CIRIA SUDS Manual.

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