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Surface Spotlight – Genesis StoneBrick™

Genesis StoneBrick™ Ingenious, strong, and very very long, Genesis StoneBricks are not only aesthetically fascinating, they have a number of key advantages over clay bricks. And as you’ll see, they have a very interesting story of origin to tell. Take one large stratovolcano, an eruption or two, and volcanic ash rains down in the valleys for […]

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Surface Spotlight – From Water Bottle to Slab

Magna Glaskeramik Upcycling : From Water Bottle to Finished Slab   The stages of production : STAGE 1./ Glass mineral water bottles are prepared for recycling and placed in the hopper ready for breaking into specially sized flakes   STAGE 2./ The flakes are transferred to the large 3m+ long trays that will form the shape […]

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Surface Spotlight – Magna Glaskeramik

Magna Glaskeramik The Crystalised Beauty of Recycled Glass Surfaces   The Ethical Stone team visit the Glaskeramik factory near Leipzig in Germany and discover a production process that delights the senses.   ” A visit to the Glaskeramik factory is exhilarating mix of former East German industrial processes combined with the sensory delights of Willy […]

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Surface Spotlight – okiun®

okiun® Every once in a while, a new surface emerges that really stirs our senses. Beginning with a range of cutting edge 3Dimensional elements, Okiun has the unique ability to transform surfaces through the creative use of form and vigorous vibrant colour. In this way, Okiun can literally shape its environment. This is no ordinary […]

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