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Beginning with a range of cutting edge 3Dimensional elements, Okiun has the unique ability to transform surfaces through the creative use of form and vigorous vibrant colour. In this way, Okiun can literally shape its environment. This is no ordinary tile!

There are 16 basic forms or ‘elements’ in the range, which can each be customised by adding texture and colour. There are nine basic finish textures : ‘Natural’; ‘Matt’; ‘Gloss’; ‘Metallic Matt’; ‘Metallic Gloss’; ‘Oxide’; ‘Ice’; ‘Skin’; ‘Chameleon’.  And these can be further customised with one of over one hundred colour ways to choose from. The result is a surface of bold or subtle colour and form that is tailored by you and exclusive to your design preferences.




Magna is a classical yet contemporary piece thanks to a combination of finishes and colours, adaptable to any environment Its geometric simpleness offers strength and simplicity, but with an artistic and luxurious touch.

MAGNA dimensions

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It starts with the finish!

The ability to transmit sensation is the objective of any material, which is why the choice of finish and colour are so important, in order to give a project a specific personality. Okiun develops all of its decorative elements from a base of one of the following 9 varied finishes.


Choose from the following finishes to start your activity :



The success of a decorative project requires a combination of  finishes, the geometry of the pieces and the harmony of colours used within the design. Okiun gives professionals over 2000 colours to choose from to achieve any detail that their creativity wishes to transmit.

Colours for MATTE, GLOSS & SKIN Finishes :

Colours for NATURAL Finishes :

Colours for OXIDE Finishes :

Colours for METALLIC & ICE Finishes :

Colours for CHAMELEON Finishes :