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Surface Spotlight – okiun®


Every once in a while, a new surface emerges that really stirs our senses. Beginning with a range of cutting edge 3Dimensional elements, Okiun has the unique ability to transform surfaces through the creative use of form and vigorous vibrant colour. In this way, Okiun can literally shape its environment. This is no ordinary tile!

There are 12 basic forms or ‘elements’ in the range, which can each be customised by adding texture and colour. There are nine basic finish textures : ‘Natural’; ‘Matt’; ‘Gloss’; ‘Metallic Matt’; ‘Metallic Gloss’; ‘Oxide’; ‘Ice’; ‘Skin’; ‘Chameleon’.  And these can be further customised with one of over one hundred colour ways to choose from. The result is a surface of bold or subtle colour and form that is tailored by you and exclusive to your design preferences.

Behind Okiun is a team that is fuelled by a combination of enthusiasm, passion, talent and experience, who have created a new reference point for architects, decorators and interior designers. A fact that you will see as you explore the Okiun product range and discover a particular appreciation of how to channel elegance and distinction.

Okiun, are you ready?